Staff of J'Tna (left & right arm) - "M" - PV 4 or 1 critical wound


Special Rules:
The Staff of J'Tna can damage the enemy in two ways. It can either inflict 4 wounds or 1 critical wound (has to be announed before rolling for MCS). Like every psionic relic the Staff ignores armour, protective equipment and damage reductions of kind. If K'Sul suffers an equipment hit in his right arm, that end of the Staff is destroyed and cannot inflict critical wounds anymore. On an equipment hit in the left arm the end inflicting normal wounds is destroyed. K'Sul has mastered "Levitate" (no action, roll is made before K'Sul is played, only one try). On a successful roll for RCS he ignores any penalties to movement for the entire round. Furthermore he can float his MR into any direction.

Generic Rules for D'Kari:
All actions directly aimed at an opponent require line of sight and the target must not be further away than 55 cm. D'Kari cannot use an action to aim at an opponent when using their psionic skills. The following powers can be used by every D'Kari:

  1. Wholeness Of Mind:The D'Kari gets a bonus of +1 to RCS, MCS and BR for each other D'Kari on his team and in the arena.

  2. Psionic Strike: A powerful blow ignoring armour, protective equipment and damage reductions of any kind. It inflicts 4 points of damage, which go into one location.

  3. Tuning: D'Kari can only receive tuning of their attributes. Armour cannot be tuned as well as they cannot carry any equipment.

D'Kari never fight against each other, never team up with Krrill and when fighting Krrill the
Psionics get a bonus of +1 to RCS, MCS and BR.

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