Competition 2010
Competition for the GOLDEN DUZI on the 09. & 10.10.2010

There is no booking fee.

Each participant may submit 3 exhibits in each category. Only the best piece gets evaluated. Any historical epoch may be submitted except for the 3rd Reich to avoid legal problems concerning the presentation of this period.

The Golden DUZI is awarded to the winners of each category. The 2nd and 3rd places receive a certificate. All participants who do not win a 1st prize take part in a lottery with prizes worth more than € 250.

A category featuring less than 5 exhibits is cancelled and the exhibits get transferred to the category "Value-Free".

Exhibits taking part in the competition must be checked in with the competition reception Saturday from 11am to5pm and Sunday from 10am to 12am. These exhibits stay on the competition grounds until Sunday 5.00 pm.
Members of the evaluating jury and the organizers do not take part in this competition. The organizer has the right to make films and photographs of the exhibit and to publish them.

The Jury

On Saturday the Jury beginn with evaluation at 5pm.
They choice the best Exihibits of each
On Sunday the Jury beginn with ecaluation at 12am.
Then they choise the best one in each category.



A. - First Choice
Not for winner from the last year
1 single figure historic
2 single figure fantasy / sci-fi
3 Vignette -2 to 5 figures not bigger than 20x20 cm
4 Diorama more than 5 figures and bigger than 30x30 cm

B. - Rising Master
Open contest for the best.
Only for winner of the last year.
5 single figure historic
6 single figure fantasy / sci-fi
7 Vignette -2 to 5 figures not bigger than 20x20 cm
8 Diorama more than 5 figures and bigger than 30x30 cm


Category 1/72
9 single figure
10 groups (Vignette/Dioramer)

Category Youngbloods 25mm
11 single figure beginners
12 single figure for painter under 18 years

Value-Free - without evaluation

INFORMATION on the Open Contest

With the category "Open Contest" the DUZI is the first convention in Europe to offer this category. Similar to American competitions the miniatures are not submitted into categories so we must use a different way to determine the winner, e.g. if 50 pieces are submitted into this category each judge gets 10 coins to distribute among the best exhibits. Exhibits marked by a certain amount of coins are determined as winners.


To qualify in the category 'Vignettes and diorama' the miniatures must be built into the terrain.
Any piece with a basal surface of more than 20 x 30 cm (A4) or 25 cm in diameter is considered diorama, a piece with a basal surface of less than 15 x 20 cm (A5) qualifies as vignette. Pieces featuring measures between these types are individually chosen for one of both categories.
Exhibits that have formerly won one of the contests are not judged again.


The jury consists of 3 to 5 experts and one amateur. The judges evaluate each exhibit on a scale from 1 to 10 using the painting as main criteria. The bases of single miniatures and units are not part of the evaluation (with the possible exception of the amateur). Vignettes and diorama can get 6 points for painting and 4 points for ideas and arrangement. If historical miniatures feature grave mistakes one point will be subtracted.


The Competition-Rule as Word-Document