Duzi 2006
Goldene Duzi
The "Rondo Veneziano", a picture in 3D, which middle-age figures danced to the music. In the year 1989 a complete village was placed on a five "Deutsche Mark" coin.
You can only guess how difficult it was to create this scene and to paint the 2mm "big" figures, but besides all the positive reactions there were critical voices, as well. Soon the organisers, visitors and exhibitors were called "militaristic" and „war-fanatic“.
This was an opinion which changed year by year but unfortunatly it could not be overcome. The friends of this hobby value highly detailed and accurate pieces to depict history "as it was". We used tin miniatures to describe important events and those mostly were war-scenes.
The visitors realised this quickly, when they, for instance, looked at the diorama in 1991. There you could experience history (Battle at Lützen, 1632 - Gustav Adolph of Sweden against Wallenstein). Another progress was made, when they began to show interest in tabletops, where you need strategy in spite of blind rage.

Fortunately the critical voices were few and not able to lower the success of this event. The visitors' interest always guaranteed a great atmosphere and in 1994 the number of exhibitors grew bigger than 50 for the first time. This finally left no doubt. The "DuZi" became the regular event for the friends of tin miniatures, that it is today.
This enthusiasm, which always requires a huge portion of idealism, reached its paramount so far with the "Project: Gettysburg". In 1998 many visitors were amazed by this diorama of the "Battle of Gettysburg".

On an area with a size of 50sqm nearly 120kg modelling accessories (e.g. artificial grass) and 350m of tape were needed for the terrain to place not less than 20.000 miniatures in this giant scenario. That had been unmatched until 2003. It was the same diorama but this time with 23.000 figures on an 72sqm big area, highly improved in quality.