The walkover
of the DUZI

The DUZI 2003

There were many competitions, sceneries and tournaments at the DUZI like every year.

This year the world’s biggest diorama could be seen in the parquet hall: “The battle of Gettysburg” About 23.000 figures were placed on a space of 72m². More pictures can be seen here.

This year we presented Magic Challenge and Fearless. For the first time Dark Age was presented, too. Because of this the German Dark Age Demoteam came to the DUZI.

Perhaps you already noticed that in this year the painting contest was called for the "DUZI" and no longer "golden DUZI". We chose another name because you could not win the golden miniature any more. In this year the winner of this contest got a 210mm high, hand-painted figure!
Painting championship for the "DUZI", where the best was chosen in more than 20 categories of all kinds - historic, fantasy, science fiction, flat or fully 3-dimensional. Name it and you'll find it there. You can see the competition here.
There was the "Römische Kohortenkastel
Krefeld Gennep" with 200 Figures with a size of 4cm presented on 6m² for the fans of setting-up-figures. On the right you can see a first picture. The complete diorama could be seen on the DUZI for the first time.
The german championship in painting a 25 mm scale miniature, where all contestant have to paint identical miniatures to detrmine the best of the best, was exciting, too. Questions go to Bernd. 
For the sixth time the "DUZI" will be the place where the German FEARLESS championship will be held. Once again all the winners of official qualifying tournaments battle for the crown.
Likewise for the sixth time one of the biggest Warhammer tournaments in Europe with 120 gamers will be played. Further information for this year's tournament can be found here.