A walkthrough DUZI 2002

The DUZI 2002

This year the DUZI celebrated its 20 anniversary. 20 years old but not old-fashioned.
On October 12th and 13th the Niederrheinhalle once again became the place to be for friends of tin miniatures, model kits and tabletop games.

Although the DUZI takes place in Wesel for the fourth year running now, the remained the same: “DUZI”, which is the abbreviation for “Duisburger Zinnfigurenbörse”, because that’s where it came came to life in 1983 and the rather colloquial early days with only 15 exhibitors changed to a busy convention , which today is the biggest of ist kind in Germany.

On an area of 1400 squaremetres reatilers, manufacturers, clubs and private persons presented everything related to tin miniatures. No matter whether flat or fully sculpted, 8 mm or 150 mm scaled, historical, fantasy, science-fiction or even erotic, they all had their space at the DUZI, just as the frineds of model kits, who could found almost everything the<y had been looking for, even it was part of the smallest series.
The balcony with about 400 squaremetres was the place of events for those playing with tin miniatures. Two tournaments had been held here. First, the German FEARLESS Championship and second, one of Europes biggest Warhammer events with 90 competitors.
Just like in the last years the stage had been reserved for the painting competition, the battle for the “Golden DUZI”. Amateurs and professionals exhibited their works to have them judged by the jury. At the same time there was the “German Championship in painiting a 25 mm scaled miniature”.

Another highlight had been “Living History”. Under this name the visitors could watch historical personalities in original uniforms. Amongst others, “The Old Fritz” answered questions and gave detailed information about his time.
And last but not least there had been an exhibition of dioramas showing scenes from the antique, the middle ages and the wild west.

This broad variety of themes and the number of visitors, which had increased by 10%, definitely affirmed the success of the show.