Conditions for exhibition DUZI 2010

§ 1 When booking the exhibitor accepts all the conditions.
§ 2 You will receive the invoice for the stand on August 15th 2010. It is to be paid within 10 days.
§ 3 August 1st 2010 is the last day for booking.
§ 4 Accepted for display and trade are miniatures, games and all related products.
§ 5 Presentation of items glorifying violence or the NS-era is not allowed.
§ 6 If the event cannot take place because of circumstances out of reliability of the promoter he may keep 25% of the inscription sum. In case of closing down by superior force or official demand, the payment is still requested.
§ 7 Until the last day of booking you can cancel within any cost. After that date all payment must be done, even if the stand cannot be used.
§ 8 The placement of exhibitors will be done by the promoter. Special request are to be attended if possible. Exhibitors are responsible for the presentation and decoration of their stand.
§ 9 Exhibitors get 2 exhibitor passes for stands up to 3 meters and 1 pass per additional 2 meters. Additional exhibitor passes cost Euro 2,52- (plus vat).
§ 10 Partly giving away the stand or complete change of exhibitor is allowed only with permission of the promoter. Additional exhibitors must pay a permission fee of 20% of their share of costs.
§ 11 Payment is to be done for all trade space. The price will be
Euro 37,00 (plus vat) per meter. Private exhibitors and clubs get space for free for the purpose of display only. A security of Euro 20,-- is due per stand, which is returned if the stand is left orderly.
§ 12 Each stand has to be opened during the hours of sale: Sat. 10 am to 6 pm, Sun. 10 am to 5 pm. The exhibitor and the items announced must be present.
§ 13 Set-up will be Oct. 10th from 4 pm to 8 pm and 11th from 8 am to 9:30am. Stands which are not completely set up until 9:30 pm are
considered cancelled and may be used by the promoter. Break-down
starts at 5 pm on Oct. 11th 2010.
§ 14 The stands have to be left clean.
§ 15 General lights are provided by the promoter. If you need additional lights they can be purchased for Euro 10,- (plus vat) each (220 V).
§ 16 The promoter cannot accept any liability for damages on objects including exhibits or injuries on persons during the event on the exhibition space.
§ 17 The building will be guarded at night.
§ 18 It is not allowed to alter any parts of the building. In case of damage the one who inflicts it pays.
§ 19 Inside the building the promoter is the supreme authority.
§ 20 Any beside talks have to be confirmed by written evidence.
§ 21 Legal domicile is Duisburg.

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